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Uilleann Pipes


I am now proudly offering Uilleann Practice Sets.  Half sets and full sets will not be far behind.

The Uilleann pipes do not have a "practice chanter" as such.  A new Uilleann player learns with a bag, bellows and chanter.  The chanter is identical to the chanter sold with a half set or full set.  The Burley practice set is intended to be "expandable".  A learner adds the drones, (to make a half set) and the regulators (for a full set) after having gained some competency on the chanter.

Pictured below are four practice sets that have found their way to new homes with happy learners of the Irish pipes!

All four sets feature fully keyed chanters.

Practice sets start at $1979.00. 

(Includes Blackwood Chanter with one Sterling Silver C Nat key, Leather bag, Corduroy of Velveteen Bag Cover, Cane reed with rolled tapered staple. Bellows made of cherry wood and leather.)


$2499.00 as shown (Four keys on chanter made of sterling silver.)

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